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What to Expect?

What is included, how does it work and is it safe, what are we riding, what should I bring, where do we stay, what do we eat? You've come to the right place to learn the answers to all of those questions and more.  If you don't find the answer to a question you have, feel free to drop us a message using the contact form

What is included?

Baja Raw Moto Tours are all-inclusive.  You should plan to arrange transportation to and from Yuma, AZ (your responsibility) with your gear bag, money for any shopping, and we'll handle the rest.

Your tour includes:

  • Personalized and flexible Baja Raw Moto Tour

  • Transportation from Yuma to San Felipe and back to Yuma

  • Bike to ride

  • Bike service

  • Backup bikes

  • Chase truck and driver

  • Experienced lead and follow guides

  • All fuel

  • All food

  • All lodging

  • Drinks

  • A bad ass time riding Baja!

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How does it work and is it safe?

On arrival day all members of the group will meet in Yuma, AZ and be picked up along with your luggage and gear to be transported across the border to the Baja Raw Moto house outside San Felipe.  We will ride each day with only riding necessities with us and the chase truck will bring additional luggage to our lodging location for each evening.  Scheduled stops along the way to meet up with the chase truck and for meals are part of the schedule.

Yes, safety is our top priority on all tours!  Our guides are very familiar with Baja and have carefully designed our routes to avoid unsafe territory.  Lodging locations are secure where we have great relationships with the staff and locals that are very welcoming.  As always, use caution when riding dirt bikes anywhere you are riding.

What are we riding?

Baja Raw Moto Tours offer a selection of professionally maintained bikes specifically setup for Baja that we have selected as the best bikes for the riding.

We have bikes featuring a variety of setups for riders of varying sizes and skill levels.

Bike service and maintenance is included with your tour.

The selection includes these models:

  • Honda CRF450X

  • Honda XR650R

  • Yamaha YZ450X

  • KTM 300 EXC-W


What should I bring?

You should plan to arrive with a gear bag that will stay at the Baja Raw House in San Felipe and a smaller clothes bag that will travel to each nightly destination in the chase truck.

We recommend dual sport riding apparel so you have pockets easily accessible.

  • Your Passport

  • Riding jacket

    • Warm jacket you can shed and carry if you get hot.  You can always drop it in the chase truck!​

  • Long underwear or leggings​

    • The weather may be cold and you'll want to be prepared.​

  • Goggles​

    • Clear and Tinted lens options are strongly encouraged.​

  • Chest protection is strongly recommended​

  • Hydration (camelback or similar) recommended

    • We will meet up with the chase truck and have scheduled stops also​

  • Ear plugs​

    • At some point you may be sleeping near someone who snores.​

  • Shampoo/body wash for showers​

Your guides will carry all necessary tools that we may need.

Where do we stay?

This is a first class tour!  If we are not lodging at the Baja Raw Beach House in San Felipe we will be staying at hotels like the Bugambilias or Coyote Cal's.

You will have wifi, bed, and showering amenities each night along with access to your clothes bag from the chase truck.

What do we eat?

Each Baja Raw Tour will feature a variety of food options from authentic local cuisines, fine dining restaurants, and even meals specially prepared by a first class private chef.

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