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What to Pack?

You should plan to arrive with a gear bag that will stay at the Baja Raw House in San Felipe and a smaller clothes bag that will travel to each nightly destination in the chase truck.

We recommend dual sport riding apparel so you have pockets easily accessible.

  • Gear bag

  • Carry-on sized clothes bag

  • Your Passport

  • Riding Gear

    • Boots​

    • Helmet

    • Goggles (clear and tinted lenses)

    • Gloves (multiple pairs, warm and cool ones both recommended)

    • Pants/Jersey

  • Riding jacket

    • Warm jacket you can shed and carry if you get hot.  You can always drop it in the chase truck!​

  • Long underwear or leggings​

    • The weather may be cold and you'll want to be prepared.​

  • Goggles​

    • Clear and Tinted lens options are strongly encouraged.​

  • Chest protection is strongly recommended​

  • Hydration (camelback or similar) recommended

    • We will meet up with the chase truck and have scheduled stops also​

  • Ear plugs​

    • At some point you may be sleeping near someone who snores.​

  • Shampoo/body wash for showers​

  • Clothing for warm and cool weather conditions.  

  • Cash for shopping

Your guides will carry all necessary tools that we may need.

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