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Fall/Winter 2024 and all 2025 Dates


Luxury Baja Dirt Bike Tours

This Is Our Story

Baja Raw is an all-inclusive, true Baja dirt bike riding experience combined with a first class vacation.  We provide the bike, navigation, chase truck, and hospitality; all you have to do is get on the bike and conquer the adventure! The dirt bike riding opportunities in Baja are second to none and seemingly endless.  Each tour will include everything from ripping down the beach, riding on the mountain tops, shredding some SCORE Baja race course, and experiencing authentic Mexican culture.  Our experienced guides can cater the experience for all skill levels ranging from Novice to Professional to keep the riding enjoyable while taking in the amazing Baja sites. You'll be treated with first class service, comfortable accommodations, and experience a variety of authentic Mexican dining.  We would say that it's a once in a lifetime experience, but you'll enjoy it so much that you will have to do it again!

Baja Raw Moto was founded by Tony Wenck, a former Baja 500 champion, who fell in love with the Baja, Mexico peninsula culture and all the amazing dirt bike riding opportunities. After years of visiting Baja to ride and share the experience with friends, Tony decided it was time to share the experience with a larger audience. 

What Makes Us Special

The Riding

You've seen the photos, you've watched the videos, but now you can experience the incredible Baja riding for real.  Wheelie down the beaches, tuck-in and grab a handful down the dry lake beds, conquer some of the famed SCORE Baja race course, cruise up mountain-sides, and of course no trip would be complete without some epic single track. The only thing that can rival the riding are the amazing views along the way!

First Class Vacation

When the bikes are parked, your first class vacation awaits.  Kick your feet up by the fire and watch the sunset on the beach with a margarita in your hand as the private chef prepares your dinner.  Enjoy a massage after a full day of riding, and no trip to Mexico would be complete without enjoying the mariachi band.  The accommodations are clean, comfortable, and service is always first class.

Baja Raw Experience

A true Baja experience throughout the entire trip.  While the experience is tailored to your skill level, you will be riding real miles on real terrain.  In Baja, the destination is the goal, the riding is the adventure, and the experience is the trophy.  Visit the lively Malecõn in San Felipe for an authentic dining, shopping, and entertainment experience with shops, live entertainment, and restaurants open along the beach before going site seeing on a dirt bike or side by side. 

Ship wreck along the baja coast on dirt bike tour


"I've been riding dirt bikes for over 30 years and multiple times throughout the trip I said inside my helmet; this is the absolute most fun trail, terrain, or riding I've ever done. I didn't know what to expect in Mexico and I left with an absolute love for the people and places that we visited. There are no words to describe the trip!"

Chris - Minnesota, USA

“I wouldn't want to experience Mexico any other way.  Our group was able to mix right in with the locals and then ride out to see and explore even more.  Unbelievable, except I have pictures to prove it was real. We literally rode on the beach, volcanoes, mountains, dry lake beds, and some exceptional single track all in one trip!”

William - Arizona, USA

"Embarking on an unforgettable adventure with Baja Raw was an absolute thrill! From conquering Baja's legendary trails on dirt bikes to exploring historic landmarks, every moment was filled with excitement. The all-inclusive experience, complete with excellent food, lodging, and top-notch dirtbikes, made this trip an absolute dream come true."

Weslie - Iowa, USA

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gorgeous mountain dirt bike trail in baja mexico on SCORE Baja 1000 race course

“An amazing two-wheeled adventure on the gorgeous Baja peninsula.”

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